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Inside Out Action 


Releasing purpose & passion of people, organizations and communities!

As a career coach, I help individuals to get clarity on their goals and aspirations and support them along the way using individualized step by step coaching exercises to relieve anxiety and overcome bottlenecks.

Learned about B Lab and B Corp Movement in 2007 which inspired me to assist purpose-driven organizations to build meaningful brands and sustainable business, develop wellness culture, and create measurable impacts to stay relevant, competitive and impactful in the future economy.

My passion for sustainability blends with my coaching direction and over 12 years experience in business management with major global investment banks in the Asia Pacific Region. Actively involved with both private and not for profit sectors and with more than 20 years of China experience, I had also worked in Singapore, Tokyo and Zurich and established effective relationships with professionals in Europe, US and Asia Pacific.


career coaching, caregiver coaching, emotional wellness, intergenerational well-being, business sustainability

As an IAC-Certified Coach™, Amy works with individuals, organizations and communities to gain clarity and direction through coaching intervention.


Her work with individuals includes career coaching, crisis coaching, where she guides individuals to gain clarity on their goals, enhance self-confidence and creativity for problem resolution.  As an experienced caregiver, Amy is also passionate in coaching individuals on emotional wellness and family/care relationships.  


As a Business Coach, Amy brings along a wealth of business management experience with global organizations and networks across China, Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.  For the past few years, she has been consulting purpose-driven startups and non-profit organizations to establish a competitive edge through business/organizational sustainability.


With an intense passion to serve,  Amy has founded a co-creation platform “Inside Out Action 雞毛掃行動” bringing CLARITY and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS to people, organizations and communities through coaching, wellness workshops and creative initiatives. Purposeful event such as Social Innovation Carnival partnered with Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui was organized engaging nine social enterprises/startups to serve three generations in the community (one of the first of its kind).


In her own words, here’s how Amy describes her vision “Many of my clients got side-tracked by workload and stress, my role is to bring Clarity and Joy back to their life through coaching.  I believe the world could be a better place once we are re-connected with our real self.    By the same token for organizations, once they gained clarity with their Purpose, business can be both meaningful and fun.”

“Amy is more than a feather duster, she goes deeper and heals from the inside out.”

Professor Norman Amundson, author of "Active Engagement"  (Winner of the Best Book Award by the Canadian Counselling Association), and co-developer of the well-known "Action-Hope Model"


one on one coaching

p8 - final.png

Amy supports individuals to get clarity on their goals and aspirations and support them along the way as they embark of a new journey.  One of the vital steps is to help individuals identify their unique strengths and develop a positive sense of well-being.


Some of her individual clients are:

  • Young professionals (designers, sustainability practitioners, investment banking professionals)

  • University students & fresh graduates

  • Caregivers with ageing parents

  • People who are exploring encore (second) careers



  • Founders of social enterprises and startups

  • Community leaders

wellness workshop


Amy develops tailor-made workshops for individuals, teams and communities focusing on wellness, resilience, and business sustainability.


Benefits for participants

  • increase awareness of emotional pattern

  • clarify own pain points and blinds spots

  • learn, discover, co-create new insights & results


Benefits for organizations

  • increase wellbeing of employees through raising their emotional awareness

  • help employees become more self-aware, positive and resilient

  • enhance performance, purpose, and staff/customer loyalty


What make our workshops special

  • simple and effective concepts

  • good for different ages

  • fun, relevant, practical

business sustainability consulting


Amy works with purpose-driven organizations and startups to build sustainable businesses and work cultures (which may involve brand development, competitiveness and measurable impact)


Her approach integrates corporate coaching, the Cambridge University Business Sustainability Management framework, Impact Assessment, supported by knowledge & experience in:

  • business diversity & inclusion

  • sustainability

  • marketing & branding

  • risk / business continuity management

  • people development

  • wellness and culture


Amy is a respected and talented consultant and coach in the fields of wellness, resilience and sustainability. The programs she has developed and their application for individuals, teams, and communities is exactly what is needed in our current reactive and stressful environment. Her intergenerational approach is critical to solving pressing problems and the work she is currently undertaking in Hong Kong is a testimony to being able to make a difference. Her connection as a BCorp consultant means also ensures that she is also using her work as a ‘force for good’ – something we need more of in the world right now.

Gayle Hardie, Co-Founder,

Global Leadership Foundation

(a BCorp accredited company)

I met Amy through the social entrepreneurship space and found her to be passionate, supportive and empathetic. She is highly collaborative and brings a huge amount of insight and expertise to the table - led by years of business experience. Her drive for building sustainable businesses and supporting social impact causes has helped several budding entrepreneurs. It is a pleasure to work with her and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

Priyanka Gothi,

Founder, Wise At Work

Conversations with Amy have been inspiring. She went beyond being a listener and mentor to actually guide me through a self recognition process. Her coaching was profound yet warm and passionate. Every professional may need some moments of quiet reflection, Amy was the coach who threw me the right questions and helped me to restore my motivation. Truly appreciated it!

Michelle Lam

Citigroup – AP Banking Capital Markets Advisory, Business Risk Management

I am impressed with Amy’s selfless devotion and persistence to support caregivers, elders and startups/social enterprises.


Using her solid grounding and experience

of working within a high-pressured environment in the global investment

banks, her insightful coaching skills and having been a long-time caregiver, Amy’s contribution has been a complement to our solid human centric work. Her Emotional Traffic Light workshops (情緒紅綠燈) have effectively supported and inspired the elders, young social workers and caregivers of dementia patients respectively.


With her creativity and passion, Amy has initiated “Social Innovation Carnival” which successfully took place on December 15, 2018. It is one of the first in the Hong Kong Social Welfare Sector bringing three generations and nine awarded startups together for impactful social good.


I wish her every success in her future endeavours and look forward to our continued collaborations!

Wai Ming Tam

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Service Director

Amy is highly experienced in working with corporations, NGOs to enhance wellbeing of employees, especially through raising their emotional awareness. This helps employees become more self-aware, positive, resilient and purpose driven. And this ultimately helps raise staff productivity and employee loyalty. She does that through group workshop and one-on-one coaching. I highly recommend Amy as a coach and facilitator.

Yan Liu

Leadership Development Consultant

Agnus Consulting

My sessions with Amy has brought new perspectives and changes to my work as well as personal life. I feel more in control when circumstances happened. Amy made me feel very at ease in sharing my personal issues. Finally, I felt there is someone that understands me and the situation I am in. After the sessions, I felt as if I went through a detox emotionally! Thank you Amy!

Annie Wong

Over 10 years with global investment bank

Hi Amy, thank you for the opportunity to experience your very inspiring workshop regarding Emotional Wellness. I was touched by your message and the content as it truly manifest our feelings that we have kept within us, and such feelings were very often unknown and foreign to us.


You came across as someone with such a big heart to support the needy in our community. In this turbulent time in Hong Kong, I sincerely hope people of any social levels and corporate citizens can benefit from this workshop. Seriously everyone of us needs to get in touch with our raw emotions and learn to deal with it constructively so we can live our lives in full.

Ruby Tam

Corporate Human Resources

I met Amy at the Enneagram Coaching programme. With her generosity and persistance we formed a learning circle, which met regularly for a number of years to continue our studies. We co-presented at various learning events, including a regional conference of Enneagram to share our learning model. Amy never ceased to impress me with her passion for development for herself and others, as well as her big heart to serve the community with her rich knowledge, experience and skill sets. Reach out to Amy if you need a trusted partner to co-create sustainable impact and well-being for your organization/ community.

Lilian Wang

Professional Facilitator & Executive Coach

I met Amy in the wellness workshop in Innohub. I am impressed by her profound knowledge bringing out the best of individual and how to build a constructive team. The feedback technique she offered been extremely helpful for C-Level as we came across difficult times in people management on daily basis.

Thanks Amy

Ernest Chan

Project Management Professional (PMP) with Global projects exposure

Amazing! I find out my new goal and career path for my second life! Thanks Amy for her dedication and mastery coaching skill which guides me along the odyssey for exploring my future. I never imagine this process is so effective in taking me out of confusions and bottlenecks. Throughout the process, I realize the passion of Amy on nature conservation which forms part our common goal and daily life. Being our Mother Earth Lovers, we could walk along the steps towards a sustainable future both in terms of personal growth and career development as well as greening our world. Thank you Amy for opening me up for a bright and greener future!

Ir Prof. C.F. LAM

An environmental engineer, professional body leader and green educator for over 25 years.

Amy is inspiring person that you will definitely love to meet. She is warm and caring, sensitive and reflective. During the coaching sessions with Amy, she always leads me to find out who the person I truly am and guides me to the answers that already lie inside me. She is the best coach I’ve ever met and I highly recommend her to anyone who wish to know more about himself/herself.

Cherry Li

Senior Sustainability Officer

Amy appeared when I was facing one of the most difficult moments in my life. By that time, there were a lot of changes at my workplace, putting me under huge pressure. I was so emotional that I could not decide whether to stay or leave. Through coaching, Amy helped me get through the challenges, explore the potentials in myself and finally come out stronger. I am grateful for meeting her.


I remember during the coaching sessions, she was very focused listening to me so that she was able to ask crucial questions that often helped me think differently. Yet, I never felt she is a “professional” far away from me. Instead, I felt she was like my friend walking beside me.


Amy is a warm-hearted and sympathetic person. She cares very much about those who turn to her for help . I think these are what make her coaching so powerful.

Frances Yeung

NGO promoting environmental protection

There has been 2 months after the coaching. Although the period was just 4 weeks, it means a lot for me. My career is now at the bottle neck, I feel that I can work quite smoothly in my familiar area so I wish to go to next level out of my comfort zone. I am not afraid of walking out of the zone, however, I don’t know which direction I should go. The coaching period assist me to think about my future, my real needs and wishes, even I could picture out the situation of my life in 20 years later. Although I don’t know if this picture is realistic, at least I have a clearer direction to follow, in terms of my mind and heart. Amy is not just a coach, but also a friend, an elder sister, a mentor and a companion. I am glad that we met in the PolyU event and I started conversation with Amy, leading me to have the opportunity to being coached.

Keith Chan

Founder, Hintegro

Amy's coaching is very thoughtful and impressive. During the 4 weeks coaching sessions, I understand my strengthens and weaknesses more, my career goal is successfully built up under her guidance.


Amy is a generous, passionate and flexible career coach who uses her profession to inspire and guided me to explore my career possibilities. She always reminds me to feel and activate my heart to experience life. She also digs out the key issues which affect the sustainability of my career.


She uses her magic feather sweep to remove the dust on my career path as well as motivate me to move forward. I hope to show you my moonshine with dramatic cloud in front .

Ian Mak

Masterplanning and Urban Design

Few life-changing stories came with it when I first heard of Amy’s name. Though I believe I have sufficient understanding about my own strengths/ weaknesses and career goal, I decided to join the program out of curiosity to begin with.


Unlike any other coaching/ mentoring which focuses on giving recommendations and suggestions, Amy brought me to wonderland of my own inner-self, where I was free to explore items inside while she was carefully watching and giving kind reminders.


She is wise, thoughtful and knowledgable, yet she lies low and not showing off her learnings. She carefully observes and chooses the correct wordings, timing and method to convey her messages, making her coaching personalized and powerful.


During the session, Amy always shows patience, calm and empathy no matter what situation. She made you feel being understood and respected, not only by her, but also by your own self.


The experience of participating Inside Out program with Amy is extraordinary and one of a kind. Thank you.

Rosly Mok

revitalization designer 活化建築設計師

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